Brent Pennington was born and raised in Vermont, the oldest of two boys. His father, a pilot, instilled a love for aviation and adventure, and an appreciation for hard work done well; his artistic skills come from his mother, who is herself talented at any medium she tries.

He began writing in the 6th grade, with a collection of short stories entitled “Ann Marie, Ghost Hunter,” about an intrepid young girl who investigated the paranormal. He wrote his first novel shortly thereafter (terrible, the less said about it, the better), and continued reading and writing his way through high school, including a second novel (also terrible, but it did impress girls).

Pennington attended Binghamton University in New York, where he earned a BA in English Literature & Creative Writing. While there, he failed miserably as a reporter for the student newspaper, Pipe Dream, but also interned with the university photographer, which fostered a love affair with photography that continues to this day.

Degree in hand and job offers conspicuously absent, he abandoned his plans of heading west to Montana, and instead moved to Scranton, Pennsylvania, mostly because of a girl.  Seven years later he married her, proving that it wasn’t the foolhardy move it seemed at the time. In Scranton, Pennington found a welcoming community with a thriving arts movement, and spent a number of years collaborating as a photographer for groups such as The Vintage Theater, and NEPA BlogCon.

His early career included a short-lived stint as a bookstore clerk, summers as an intern in a corporate office, and the title “hanger rat” while serving as the assistant to an aircraft mechanic. Following college, he leveraged his geek/tech skills as an IT specialist, where he wrangled recalcitrant technology for two charter schools in Pennsylvania, and then for Penn State University.

In addition to his writing, Pennington continues to pursue photography for both himself and a select clientele.  When he’s not messing around with computers and gadgets, he also enjoys kayaking and woodworking, and dreams of someday building his own sailboat. He prefers to get up early in the morning, and loves the blue of twilight. He’s a huge fan of Talisker scotch (if you enjoy his books, feel free to send him some), and believes that the Isle of Skye may be his favorite place on Earth. Given the chance, he will (attempt to) eat his weight in pasta, especially if it is homemade.

Pennington continues to reside in Scranton with his wife, Mandy, and two sibling kitties, Jack & Jade.


Publication Credits

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Fell Charter School: Board of Trustees, 2019-Present

Binghamton Township Historical Society: webmaster, 2012-2017

NEPA BlogCon: official photographer, 2012-2017

The New Vintage Ensemble: official photographer, 2013-2018

The Vintage Theater: official photographer, 2012-2014