And so it begins

A new website, a new step forward, and finally a step towards something that I’ve been working on for most of my life.

I’ve been writing since middle school but I’ve never called myself a “writer.”  When people ask the question, “What do you do?” I’ve never looked back and said, “I’m a writer.”  But that’s going to change.  Before this point, only a few people have ever read my work, which includes seven novels, a novella, and a multitude of short stories.  All of that and I’ve had maybe a dozen readers.  Even my wife hasn’t read at least half of my work.

But there’s no point in writing, in being a writer, if people can’t read your words.  So here’s that first step, this site, in conjunction with my first submission to publishers.  The novella, “Riding with Darkness,” is out right now, being evaluated, being judged, being tested to see if its worthy.  It will make it to print one way or another and more will follow.

In the meantime, some goals for this website: it’s a repository of work, both the published novels to come and most likely some of my short fiction, maybe some older pieces.  It’s a way to connect with my readers and let them know what I’m working on.  And as usual, it’ll be my platform; I have a hard time staying on topic, so you’ll probably see a mix of stuff appear here, some relating to writing and some relating to technology or environmental science or whatever else has my interest at any given moment.

Welcome to my world!

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