Hi there – I’m Brent.



ife happens every day – moments that will never come again. Celebrate them! Photography is something that should be done everyday, not just for big events, or once a year. It’s the story of your life, of your love, of you.

I’ve been behind the camera nearly a decade and I have to say, it’s an exciting journey. It’s more than a hobby for me, more than a career – it’s a passion. I’ve been a photojournalist, worked for major universities & trade schools, sold fine art photographs, and recorded graduations, weddings, and families.

But most of all, I’ve worked with people. That’s the rewarding part. Getting to step inside the moment and see people as they truly are, capturing their feelings and their essence. I’ve been able to tell their stories – and it’s awesome.


Iuse the micro four-thirds system for all my photography. I find that the small size and high performance are the perfect combination for both studio and field work.

Cameras: Olympus OM-D E-M5
Lenses: Olympus M.Zuiko, Panasonic Lumix/Leica
Lighting: variety of speedlight-style flashes and modifiers

Client List

In addition to numerous private individuals, my clients include: Allied Medical & Technical Institute, Binghamton Township Historical Society, Binghamton University & the University Foundation, NEPA BlogCon, The Vintage Theater, the Pennsylvania Department of Tourism, and St. Michael’s Byzantine Catholic Church.

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