My photo is on a postcard!

Got a wonderful email from the folks at the Pennsylvania Parks & Forests Foundation the other day; I entered their photo contest back in the spring and won first place in the outdoor category with a photo of Lackawanna Lake during the Halloween snowstorm in 2011.

Well, turns out that PPFF liked the image so much, they used it on their holiday postcards! I received an envelope in the mail a few days later with a handful of postcards that they were kind enough to send me – that’s the scanned image above.

I’m thrilled – what a kickoff to the holidays!

Nick’s Outdoor Session


Nick Pennington poses for an outdoor session in the woods near Lefferts Pond in Chittenden, VT, on the afternoon of 29 December 2011.

Nick is a freshman Wildlife Management major. He’s also an avid rock climber, a competition archer, and an all-around nature lover who is definitely at home in the outdoors. He can start a fire and setup a tent and, I think, knows something about hatchet throwing. Without a doubt the sort of guy you want along on your next camping trip. He’s also my brother, which is probably the only reason that he agreed to don his coonskin cap, grab his bow, and trek out into the woods for a portrait shoot.


Sara – Test Shoot

The blog has been suffering lately – really since the website redesign back in February.  I apologize for that.  I’ve been actively looking into some long-term opportunities these past few weeks, which has taken up a lot of my time.  Time when I would rather have been out making photos.  But then, when wouldn’t I rather be doing that?
So we’re going to step back a couple of weeks to a test shoot I did with Sara.  You know, back when there was still snow on the ground.  Which hadn’t been what we were planning on, but winter had once last blast to throw at us, so we ran with it.
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