Simple Clicks – Shawnee Craft Brewery

BRENT PENNINGTON Casks of beer in the Shawnee Craft Brewing Company brewery, visited with Whiskey Bacon Traveling Food Circus at the Shawnee Inn Resort in Shawnee on Delaware, PA, on the afternoon of 11 August 2013.

So this is where beer is born!  A few weeks back the Whiskey Bacon Traveling Food Circus journeyed out to Shawnee-on-Delaware, to the Shawnee Inn Resort, which is home to the Shawnee Craft Brewing Company.  (And that may be a record for how many times you can use the name “Shawnee” in a single sentence.)  The whole experience at the brewery is a little surreal – the Shawnee Inn is pretty upper-crust, a pinky up sort of place with a lovely golf course, on the banks of the Delaware River.  And yet behind the hotel, in a former ice rink that got flooded out a few years back, there’s a brewery.  Because, well, it was too expensive to rebuild the ice rink, so they figured a brewery was a good alternative.  I love that logic!


The Big Damn Cookout

BRENT PENNINGTON Bacon cooking on the grill at the Big Damn Cookout, held at Whiskey Bacon member Leni Konstas' home in Dallas, PA, on the afternoon of 29 June 2013.

Yes, that is exactly what it appears to be – bacon cooking on a grill!  Because really, could anything be more awesome?  (Speaking as someone who got to eat it, the answer to that question is an unconditional “no”.)

Back at the end of June, some of the wonderful folks from Whiskey Bacon held a BBQ.  They had me right there.  I mean come on, die-hard foodies with a deep-seated love of bacon, throwing a BBQ…there’s no chance that this won’t be incredible.  And it was.  Of course.


Happy Independence Day

BRENT PENNINGTON Revelers kick of Independence Day with a fireworks display over Courthouse Square in downtown Scranton on the evening of 03 July 2013.

In remembrance of the original “rockets red glare,” here’s a few shots from Scranton’s fireworks show on Wednesday evening.  We kicked Independence Day off a few hours early, with one of the best fireworks shows I can remember seeing.  Even cooler that it took place right over the Courthouse Square in downtown.  You know it’s a good show when the audience actually cheers for some of the displays.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy Independence Day, filled with family, friends, and good times!


Yeah, it’s another redesign

Sorry for the down-time, all.  The site just went through another redesign (as I’m sure you already noticed).  Apparently you’re supposed to do them every 18-24 months – at least that’s what I hear from the web-industry folks who are in the know.  I think this was my second within six months, and maybe even less…  But I’m back, the site’s back, and I’m much happier with it.


Sara in the summertime

Had a great time working with Sara again a little while back.  She’s a wonderful model who is always cheerful and willing to try out just about anything.  We met up at McDade Park just before sunset and shot through to twilight, a whole mix of different looks: natural light and flash, in the sun and in the shade.  And as always, it rocked!


Summer Shoot with Sara

Met up with Sara again a few weeks back to do a shoot that was more in line with what we had hoped for the first time around, when a sudden cold snap made us change plans and go with a deep winter look. This time we were lucky and the weather worked with us, sunshine and warm temps well into the evening!

Sara models for a Spring photo shoot at McDade Park in Scranton, PA, on the afternoon of 05 May 2011.

Sara is a real joy to work with, full of energy and enthusiasm (not to mention a bit of impishness). While we had a few ideas in mind, such as the bubble shot above, we were mostly taking opportunities as they came, working with the light and the setting as it changed. The last few hours of daylight are the most dynamic from a photography perspective, and it can be difficult to keep up, conditions changing minute by minute. But it’s hands-down the best time to be making portraits.

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