Lauren – Senior Session

Going back to a little before Christmas, here for the final shoot in Lauren’s senior package. We swapped things up and moved into the studio for this set – it was getting too cold for outdoor shooting anyway, and we wanted that classic white background for the final few looks we had in mind.

Lauren rocked each outfit she brought and I couldn’t imagine things getting any better, but then she finished the set in her black gown, which was nothing short of stunning. I always like ending on a strong note, and it doesn’t get any better than this!


Christmas Couple

Ah, the obligatory couple’s Christmas photo.  It’s a tradition. The girlfriend gets all excited while the photographer boyfriend becomes all sorts of awkward at having to sit in front of the lens. Not the place he feels comfortable. But in the end, it was worth it. And we had fun. After all, sometimes you only have to take one serious photo, and then you can be goofy. “Christmas Gothic,” for instance.


Gianna – Christmas Photos

Christmas photos of Gianna taken at Fell Charter School on the evening of 02 December 2011.

This is Gianna, one of the cutest gals I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and certainly a far cry younger than the high school seniors I’ve been working with!  Her mom wanted photos for the annual Christmas card, so we got together at the local playground and did the a series outdoors.  It took little Gianna a few minutes to warm up to the camera, but after that, she was magic.


Father Robert

Father Robert of St Michael's Church, Dunmore, PA - portrait to be used in the centennial commemorative book.  Photographed 12 August 2011.

Had the recent honor of working with Father Robert of St Michael’s Byzantine Church, who needed a formal-style portrait for publication.  Ever the gentleman, Fr Robert didn’t flinch as we converted his living room into a studio and put him in front of the lens for a quick shoot.

St Michael’s is fast approaching its centennial anniversary, which will arrive this November.  For the past year, my good friend and fellow photographer Paul Sevensky has been chronicling the events leading up to the centennial; the church is preparing a commemorative book, which will feature both these photos and others from the church’s past.

And naturally no commemorative book would be complete without a studio portrait of the presiding priest.

More to come…


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