Simple Clicks – downtown Scranton

BRENT PENNINGTON People gather on the sidewalk outside The Vintage between sets on the evening of 27 May 2013.

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I’m going to borrow something from my other site, The Roving Photographer, where I share images under the heading of “simple clicks.”  It’s for those times when I have an image or a couple of images that aren’t really part of anything larger, but I still want to share, just because I like them, or they’re interesting.  So kicking off this new category, here’s a simple click from downtown Scranton on the night of the Caroline Smith concert.


Caroline Smith @ The Vintage

BRENT PENNINGTON "Caroline Smith" plays at The Vintage in downtown Scranton on the evening of 27 May 2013.

So was I rocking out in downtown Scranton, over Memorial Day weekend?  Heck yes!  (Yeah, I know, I’m only about six weeks late here…but getting back on track.)

Anyway, I was back at The Vintage – which is pretty much my go-to hotspot in town – Mandy and I hung out for the night’s concert, which featured “Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps.”  And they were awesome – what a voice, what a sound!  I’m not entirely sure what genera they fall into, I guess sort of a soulful, modern folk sound, and they’re well worth checking out.


Grand Opening @ Morning Glory Cafe

BRENT PENNINGTON Grand opening of Morning Glory Cafe on the afternoon of 02 March 2013.  Morning Glory is located at The Vintage in downtown Scranton, PA.

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten anything up here.  Chalk it up to the winter doldrums, which we are thankfully (finally) moving out of.  I’ve got some interesting things lined up for the next couple of months, a few projects, a few shoots, and hopefully a lot of cool images.  But in the meantime, I want to kick it off with a quick series here, of the grand opening of Morning Glory Cafe in downtown Scranton.


The Moth Project

BRENT PENNINGTON "The Moths Project" opening at The Vintage in downtown Scranton, PA, on the evening of 07 December 2012.

I am very excited to share some images from the opening of The Moth Project at The Vintage this past Friday night!

The Moth Project is an annual event benefitting the Make a Wish Foundation, and runs under the motto “Keep hope alive.” On their website, The Vintage describes it as: “The Moth Project is a visual exhibit which combines the unique talents of various artists to create a synergetic installation. “The Moth” is our symbol of hope, ever chasing after the “light” of truth. Featuring the work of Brian Craig, John Bert, Katie Trott, Theresa O’Connor, Constance Denchy, Heidi Van Leuven, and Brent Pennington.”


Masquerade Ball at The Vintage

The Vintage Theater's "Masquerade Ball," held at The Keys in downtown Scraton on the evening of 26 October 2012.

You know that line about the best laid plans? Well, it’s true – things go awry. We had great plans for sort of manned photo booth, where I’d have a mini studio setup to take portraits of folks in costume. But unfortunately there was a last minute change of venue, and the event ended up at The Keys, an island-themed bar on Penn Ave that just didn’t have the room for such a setup. So, we improvised.


Bonfire at the Scranton Iron Furnaces

A bonfire set amid standing pillars of wood burns at the Bonfire at the Scranton Iron Furnaces event, held at the Furnaces on the evening of 20 October 2012.

Events like this are why I love living in Scranton. Last weekend Lackawanna County hosted their 2nd annual Bonfire at the Scranton Iron Furnaces, which was one of the most unusual – and most awesome – cultural blendings ever. It was Day of the Dead meets Samhain, combined with fire and general revelry. Does it really get any better than that?


Masquerade Ball @ The Vintage

Promotional photos for The Vintage's Masquerade Ball, to be held on 26 October 2012.  Photographed at The Vintage on 11 October 2012.

And now for something completely different, just in time for All Hallows! The Vintage in downtown Scranton is hosting a Masquerade Ball and I’ll be on-site to shoot portraits starting shortly before the Ball and through the first hour.


The Vinage’s Grand Opening

The young, hip, and artistic congregate in The Vintage Theater, Entertainment Venue, & Cafe on Spruce Street in downtown Scranton.  Friday, 14 September 2012, marked The Vintage's grand opening at their new location.

Just a few captures from the grand opening of The Vintage in downtown Scranton. Previously known as the Vintage Theater, it’s a local performance space, entertainment venue, and cafe and simply one of the coolest places in the downtown. Owners Conor and Theresea have put a lot of hard work into setting up their new space and it shows – it’s a beautiful venue on the ground floor of the old Hotel Jermyn. It’s got real character and a real comfortable, relaxed feel.


Railfest 2012

Engines on the tracks at Railfest at Steamtown NHS during Labor Day weekend, 01 September 2012.

La Festa Italiana coincided with Railfest at Steamtown NHS, so we walked over and checked it out.  I’m not a train fanatic, but I have a deep appreciation for them.  The era of steam locomotives was one of incredible technological feats.  They were huge and complicated, both built and controlled entirely without the electronics we depend on today.  Everything was mechanical.  There’s something remarkable about that – a true feat of engineering.


La Festa Italiana 2012

The Electric City sign during La Festa Italiana, held on the courthouse square in Scranton, PA, each Labor Day Weekend.  01 September 2012.

Oh, La Festa. That weekend of ethinic gluttony that we wait for each summer. Almost a hundred vendors, an entire city block comprised of nothing but Italian sausage and peppers, pasta, potato pancakes, and baked goods of every kind and description.  All of downtown smells like a delicious mix of onions & fried food.  You have to make a full circuit around the square just to decide which stand you want to buy from, and then hope you can remember which it was in the first place!  There’s something almost ceremonial about it.

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