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Some news from my other website, where I share my personal work and talk photography:

One of the images that I'll have printed for First Friday.

Just one of the images that will be on display during First Friday.

The Roving Photographer – local photographer Brent Pennington presents a collection of his personal work, which focuses on nature and landscape photographs from his adopted home here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Printed in a variety of mediums including canvas and metal, the images represent Pennington’s vision, his interpretation of NEPA’s natural areas, wildlife, and conservation efforts through which he roams.


Simple Clicks – Shawnee Craft Brewery

BRENT PENNINGTON Casks of beer in the Shawnee Craft Brewing Company brewery, visited with Whiskey Bacon Traveling Food Circus at the Shawnee Inn Resort in Shawnee on Delaware, PA, on the afternoon of 11 August 2013.

So this is where beer is born!  A few weeks back the Whiskey Bacon Traveling Food Circus journeyed out to Shawnee-on-Delaware, to the Shawnee Inn Resort, which is home to the Shawnee Craft Brewing Company.  (And that may be a record for how many times you can use the name “Shawnee” in a single sentence.)  The whole experience at the brewery is a little surreal – the Shawnee Inn is pretty upper-crust, a pinky up sort of place with a lovely golf course, on the banks of the Delaware River.  And yet behind the hotel, in a former ice rink that got flooded out a few years back, there’s a brewery.  Because, well, it was too expensive to rebuild the ice rink, so they figured a brewery was a good alternative.  I love that logic!


My photo is on a postcard!

Got a wonderful email from the folks at the Pennsylvania Parks & Forests Foundation the other day; I entered their photo contest back in the spring and won first place in the outdoor category with a photo of Lackawanna Lake during the Halloween snowstorm in 2011.

Well, turns out that PPFF liked the image so much, they used it on their holiday postcards! I received an envelope in the mail a few days later with a handful of postcards that they were kind enough to send me – that’s the scanned image above.

I’m thrilled – what a kickoff to the holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday of the year. It’s dedicated to friends and family, to being at home where it’s warm and comfortable, enjoying company and telling stories. There’s some carrying on and always laughter.


Anne Boyle – a tribute

To say that we lost one of the good ones sounds cliche, and may well be, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s true. Last Tuesday morning we lost Anne Boyle, who was one of the kindest, finest, and most compassionate people I ever had the pleasure of knowing.

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