Caroline Smith @ The Vintage

BRENT PENNINGTON "Caroline Smith" plays at The Vintage in downtown Scranton on the evening of 27 May 2013.

So was I rocking out in downtown Scranton, over Memorial Day weekend?  Heck yes!  (Yeah, I know, I’m only about six weeks late here…but getting back on track.)

Anyway, I was back at The Vintage – which is pretty much my go-to hotspot in town – Mandy and I hung out for the night’s concert, which featured “Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps.”  And they were awesome – what a voice, what a sound!  I’m not entirely sure what genera they fall into, I guess sort of a soulful, modern folk sound, and they’re well worth checking out.


The Vinage’s Grand Opening

The young, hip, and artistic congregate in The Vintage Theater, Entertainment Venue, & Cafe on Spruce Street in downtown Scranton.  Friday, 14 September 2012, marked The Vintage's grand opening at their new location.

Just a few captures from the grand opening of The Vintage in downtown Scranton. Previously known as the Vintage Theater, it’s a local performance space, entertainment venue, and cafe and simply one of the coolest places in the downtown. Owners Conor and Theresea have put a lot of hard work into setting up their new space and it shows – it’s a beautiful venue on the ground floor of the old Hotel Jermyn. It’s got real character and a real comfortable, relaxed feel.



Had the great fortune to work with local hip-hop artist Para-Dice a few weeks back.  She found me through a mutual friend and told me she was looking for advertising/promotional shots and had a few ideas.  We tossed them around and settled on a weekend shoot on Marywood University’s campus, where we spent most of an afternoon shooting in an absolutely awesome setting (and also managed to send a campus tour slightly off-track).

This was my first foray into shooting for the music industry, which was pretty exciting.  Hip-hop tends to be edgy, so our photos had to match, although we decided to mix the edge with some glamour, staying a bit lower key for this first shoot.  It’s an interesting look that really worked for Para-Dice.

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