Kristen – Senior Session

Senior session for Kristen Boyle at her home in Dallas, PA, on the afternoon of 05 November 2011.Got together with Kristen a couple of weeks back and finished up her senior sessions.  Another great shoot, great weather, and of course a great gal to work with!  Check out a couple more shots after the break.



Had the great fortune to work with local hip-hop artist Para-Dice a few weeks back.  She found me through a mutual friend and told me she was looking for advertising/promotional shots and had a few ideas.  We tossed them around and settled on a weekend shoot on Marywood University’s campus, where we spent most of an afternoon shooting in an absolutely awesome setting (and also managed to send a campus tour slightly off-track).

This was my first foray into shooting for the music industry, which was pretty exciting.  Hip-hop tends to be edgy, so our photos had to match, although we decided to mix the edge with some glamour, staying a bit lower key for this first shoot.  It’s an interesting look that really worked for Para-Dice.


Summer Shoot with Sara

Met up with Sara again a few weeks back to do a shoot that was more in line with what we had hoped for the first time around, when a sudden cold snap made us change plans and go with a deep winter look. This time we were lucky and the weather worked with us, sunshine and warm temps well into the evening!

Sara models for a Spring photo shoot at McDade Park in Scranton, PA, on the afternoon of 05 May 2011.

Sara is a real joy to work with, full of energy and enthusiasm (not to mention a bit of impishness). While we had a few ideas in mind, such as the bubble shot above, we were mostly taking opportunities as they came, working with the light and the setting as it changed. The last few hours of daylight are the most dynamic from a photography perspective, and it can be difficult to keep up, conditions changing minute by minute. But it’s hands-down the best time to be making portraits.


Sara – Test Shoot

The blog has been suffering lately – really since the website redesign back in February.  I apologize for that.  I’ve been actively looking into some long-term opportunities these past few weeks, which has taken up a lot of my time.  Time when I would rather have been out making photos.  But then, when wouldn’t I rather be doing that?
So we’re going to step back a couple of weeks to a test shoot I did with Sara.  You know, back when there was still snow on the ground.  Which hadn’t been what we were planning on, but winter had once last blast to throw at us, so we ran with it.
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