Christmas Parties!


I was fortunate enough to be asked to provide photos for the Net Driven Christmas Party this past month, a couple of weeks before the holidays.  Net Driven is the new home of my very own beloved fiancee and, thanks to her, I’ve had the change to meet some of the fantastic folks who work there, so when they offered me the gig I couldn’t say yes fast enough!


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all!  Here’s to new photographic adventures in the year to come, and good times with friends and family!

Happy Independence Day

BRENT PENNINGTON Revelers kick of Independence Day with a fireworks display over Courthouse Square in downtown Scranton on the evening of 03 July 2013.

In remembrance of the original “rockets red glare,” here’s a few shots from Scranton’s fireworks show on Wednesday evening.  We kicked Independence Day off a few hours early, with one of the best fireworks shows I can remember seeing.  Even cooler that it took place right over the Courthouse Square in downtown.  You know it’s a good show when the audience actually cheers for some of the displays.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy Independence Day, filled with family, friends, and good times!


My photo is on a postcard!

Got a wonderful email from the folks at the Pennsylvania Parks & Forests Foundation the other day; I entered their photo contest back in the spring and won first place in the outdoor category with a photo of Lackawanna Lake during the Halloween snowstorm in 2011.

Well, turns out that PPFF liked the image so much, they used it on their holiday postcards! I received an envelope in the mail a few days later with a handful of postcards that they were kind enough to send me – that’s the scanned image above.

I’m thrilled – what a kickoff to the holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday of the year. It’s dedicated to friends and family, to being at home where it’s warm and comfortable, enjoying company and telling stories. There’s some carrying on and always laughter.


Masquerade Ball at The Vintage

The Vintage Theater's "Masquerade Ball," held at The Keys in downtown Scraton on the evening of 26 October 2012.

You know that line about the best laid plans? Well, it’s true – things go awry. We had great plans for sort of manned photo booth, where I’d have a mini studio setup to take portraits of folks in costume. But unfortunately there was a last minute change of venue, and the event ended up at The Keys, an island-themed bar on Penn Ave that just didn’t have the room for such a setup. So, we improvised.


Bonfire at the Scranton Iron Furnaces

A bonfire set amid standing pillars of wood burns at the Bonfire at the Scranton Iron Furnaces event, held at the Furnaces on the evening of 20 October 2012.

Events like this are why I love living in Scranton. Last weekend Lackawanna County hosted their 2nd annual Bonfire at the Scranton Iron Furnaces, which was one of the most unusual – and most awesome – cultural blendings ever. It was Day of the Dead meets Samhain, combined with fire and general revelry. Does it really get any better than that?


Masquerade Ball @ The Vintage

Promotional photos for The Vintage's Masquerade Ball, to be held on 26 October 2012.  Photographed at The Vintage on 11 October 2012.

And now for something completely different, just in time for All Hallows! The Vintage in downtown Scranton is hosting a Masquerade Ball and I’ll be on-site to shoot portraits starting shortly before the Ball and through the first hour.


Christmas Couple

Ah, the obligatory couple’s Christmas photo.  It’s a tradition. The girlfriend gets all excited while the photographer boyfriend becomes all sorts of awkward at having to sit in front of the lens. Not the place he feels comfortable. But in the end, it was worth it. And we had fun. After all, sometimes you only have to take one serious photo, and then you can be goofy. “Christmas Gothic,” for instance.


Gianna – Christmas Photos

Christmas photos of Gianna taken at Fell Charter School on the evening of 02 December 2011.

This is Gianna, one of the cutest gals I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and certainly a far cry younger than the high school seniors I’ve been working with!  Her mom wanted photos for the annual Christmas card, so we got together at the local playground and did the a series outdoors.  It took little Gianna a few minutes to warm up to the camera, but after that, she was magic.

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