Bonfire @ the Iron Furnaces 2013


Being well aware that it’s nearly time for the 2014 Bonfire at the Scranton Iron Furnaces, I thought that I’d better get the photos from last year posted, shamefully late, so that they aren’t mixing with the photos I’m already planning to take this year.

Hosted by Lackawanna County, the annual Bonfire celebration is the apex of my autumn season, the event I look forward to – and enjoy – more than any other, save perhaps Thanksgiving itself.  It is a festival of all the things that make Scranton great, a mixture of cultures and traditions, performances and exhibits, all topped off by the ceremonial lighting of a roaring bonfire just outside of downtown.


Masquerade Ball at The Vintage

The Vintage Theater's "Masquerade Ball," held at The Keys in downtown Scraton on the evening of 26 October 2012.

You know that line about the best laid plans? Well, it’s true – things go awry. We had great plans for sort of manned photo booth, where I’d have a mini studio setup to take portraits of folks in costume. But unfortunately there was a last minute change of venue, and the event ended up at The Keys, an island-themed bar on Penn Ave that just didn’t have the room for such a setup. So, we improvised.


Bonfire at the Scranton Iron Furnaces

A bonfire set amid standing pillars of wood burns at the Bonfire at the Scranton Iron Furnaces event, held at the Furnaces on the evening of 20 October 2012.

Events like this are why I love living in Scranton. Last weekend Lackawanna County hosted their 2nd annual Bonfire at the Scranton Iron Furnaces, which was one of the most unusual – and most awesome – cultural blendings ever. It was Day of the Dead meets Samhain, combined with fire and general revelry. Does it really get any better than that?


Masquerade Ball @ The Vintage

Promotional photos for The Vintage's Masquerade Ball, to be held on 26 October 2012.  Photographed at The Vintage on 11 October 2012.

And now for something completely different, just in time for All Hallows! The Vintage in downtown Scranton is hosting a Masquerade Ball and I’ll be on-site to shoot portraits starting shortly before the Ball and through the first hour.

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