24 Hours of Art 2014


This past August I was privileged to join The Vintage to document their annual “24 Hours of Art” event, which brings together a large number of community artists to celebrate and share their craft non-stop from noon on Saturday through to noon on Sunday.  This year the arts community was well-represented by a wide range of visual artists, musicians, poets, performers, and actors.


NEPA BlogCon 2014


On 11 October, I joined the indefatigable Mandy Boyle, Karla Porter, and Michelle Davies at Misericordia University for the third annual NEPA BlogCon, the regions premier – and to my knowledge, only – blogging and social media conference.

Approximately 170 people came out and spent their Saturday engaged with a wide range of local professionals, entrepreneurs, and successful bloggers who made presentations of topics ranging from social media engagement, to photography, to monetization.  The common theme?  Speakers sharing freely of their knowledge and experience to educated an audience that was clearly there to learn.


Bonfire @ the Iron Furnaces 2013


Being well aware that it’s nearly time for the 2014 Bonfire at the Scranton Iron Furnaces, I thought that I’d better get the photos from last year posted, shamefully late, so that they aren’t mixing with the photos I’m already planning to take this year.

Hosted by Lackawanna County, the annual Bonfire celebration is the apex of my autumn season, the event I look forward to – and enjoy – more than any other, save perhaps Thanksgiving itself.  It is a festival of all the things that make Scranton great, a mixture of cultures and traditions, performances and exhibits, all topped off by the ceremonial lighting of a roaring bonfire just outside of downtown.


Arts on Fire 2014


Although a couple of months have passed, I wanted to finally share some photos from this past summer’s “Arts on Fire” festival, held by Lackawanna County at the historic Iron Furnaces. This year, the festival opened on Friday evening with a dinner-and-drinks party that culminated in a nighttime iron-pour by the Keystone College ironworks students.


Promotional Shoot – RXV

RXV Contact Sheet

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The very best photo shoots are the ones where the photographer, client, and talent are all completely in sync and the images coming out of the camera are spot-on, there’s real collaboration going on, and everyone is having fun. To be realistic, it’s the sort of ideal shoot – almost a nirvana – that’s hard to reach, but it’s an ideal that I always aim for. And when it works like that, it’s great.


The Roving Photographer Art Show

Some news from my other website, where I share my personal work and talk photography:

One of the images that I'll have printed for First Friday.

Just one of the images that will be on display during First Friday.

The Roving Photographer – local photographer Brent Pennington presents a collection of his personal work, which focuses on nature and landscape photographs from his adopted home here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Printed in a variety of mediums including canvas and metal, the images represent Pennington’s vision, his interpretation of NEPA’s natural areas, wildlife, and conservation efforts through which he roams.


Simple Clicks – Shawnee Craft Brewery

BRENT PENNINGTON Casks of beer in the Shawnee Craft Brewing Company brewery, visited with Whiskey Bacon Traveling Food Circus at the Shawnee Inn Resort in Shawnee on Delaware, PA, on the afternoon of 11 August 2013.

So this is where beer is born!  A few weeks back the Whiskey Bacon Traveling Food Circus journeyed out to Shawnee-on-Delaware, to the Shawnee Inn Resort, which is home to the Shawnee Craft Brewing Company.  (And that may be a record for how many times you can use the name “Shawnee” in a single sentence.)  The whole experience at the brewery is a little surreal – the Shawnee Inn is pretty upper-crust, a pinky up sort of place with a lovely golf course, on the banks of the Delaware River.  And yet behind the hotel, in a former ice rink that got flooded out a few years back, there’s a brewery.  Because, well, it was too expensive to rebuild the ice rink, so they figured a brewery was a good alternative.  I love that logic!


TLCPoV Outtakes

BRENT PENNINGTON Kelly Farrell, Emily Maier, & April Holgate pose for the promotional shoot of "The Last Cocktail Party of Venus," held at The Vintage on the evening of 09 July 2013.

TLCPoV – which is the short way of saying “The Last Cocktail Party of Venus” – is coming up fast!  I shared some photos from the promo shoot in the original post a couple of weeks ago, but wanted to share some of the outtakes from the session as well.


The Last Cocktail Party of Venus

BRENT PENNINGTON Kelly Farrell, Conor O'Brien, & Emily Maier pose for the promotional shoot of "The Last Cocktail Party of Venus," held at The Vintage on the evening of 09 July 2013.

Desmond & Ophelia are a young couple.
Desmond & Ophelia are throwing a cocktail party.
Desmond & Ophelia love mint juleps.
Desmond & Ophelia probably hate you.
You are invited to their cocktail party.

Break our your black dresses, ties, and jackets because on August 1oth The Vintage is presenting its latest production, “The Last Cocktail Party of Venus.”  Written by Conor O’Brien, co-owner of The Vintage, this is more than a performance – it’s an experience.  Presented as a semi-interactive experience, “The Last Cocktail Party of Venus” is part storytelling, part catharsis, and partly an intoxicated mess of secrets.


NEPA BlogCon 2013 Launch Party

BlogCon 2013 Logo

NEPA BlogCon is gearing up for their 2013 conference.  If this is the first time you’re hearing of them, here’s the quick version: last year four very talented local ladies decided that Northeastern PA needed a way to bring bloggers together, share knowledge, interact, network, and most importantly work together to advance not only each individual, but also the region.  So NEPA BlogCon was born and was a smashing success.

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