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RXV Contact Sheet

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The very best photo shoots are the ones where the photographer, client, and talent are all completely in sync and the images coming out of the camera are spot-on, there’s real collaboration going on, and everyone is having fun. To be realistic, it’s the sort of ideal shoot – almost a nirvana – that’s hard to reach, but it’s an ideal that I always aim for. And when it works like that, it’s great.


The Roving Photographer Art Show

Some news from my other website, where I share my personal work and talk photography:

One of the images that I'll have printed for First Friday.

Just one of the images that will be on display during First Friday.

The Roving Photographer – local photographer Brent Pennington presents a collection of his personal work, which focuses on nature and landscape photographs from his adopted home here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Printed in a variety of mediums including canvas and metal, the images represent Pennington’s vision, his interpretation of NEPA’s natural areas, wildlife, and conservation efforts through which he roams.


The Big Damn Cookout

BRENT PENNINGTON Bacon cooking on the grill at the Big Damn Cookout, held at Whiskey Bacon member Leni Konstas' home in Dallas, PA, on the afternoon of 29 June 2013.

Yes, that is exactly what it appears to be – bacon cooking on a grill!  Because really, could anything be more awesome?  (Speaking as someone who got to eat it, the answer to that question is an unconditional “no”.)

Back at the end of June, some of the wonderful folks from Whiskey Bacon held a BBQ.  They had me right there.  I mean come on, die-hard foodies with a deep-seated love of bacon, throwing a BBQ…there’s no chance that this won’t be incredible.  And it was.  Of course.


The Last Cocktail Party of Venus

BRENT PENNINGTON Kelly Farrell, Conor O'Brien, & Emily Maier pose for the promotional shoot of "The Last Cocktail Party of Venus," held at The Vintage on the evening of 09 July 2013.

Desmond & Ophelia are a young couple.
Desmond & Ophelia are throwing a cocktail party.
Desmond & Ophelia love mint juleps.
Desmond & Ophelia probably hate you.
You are invited to their cocktail party.

Break our your black dresses, ties, and jackets because on August 1oth The Vintage is presenting its latest production, “The Last Cocktail Party of Venus.”  Written by Conor O’Brien, co-owner of The Vintage, this is more than a performance – it’s an experience.  Presented as a semi-interactive experience, “The Last Cocktail Party of Venus” is part storytelling, part catharsis, and partly an intoxicated mess of secrets.


Happy Independence Day

BRENT PENNINGTON Revelers kick of Independence Day with a fireworks display over Courthouse Square in downtown Scranton on the evening of 03 July 2013.

In remembrance of the original “rockets red glare,” here’s a few shots from Scranton’s fireworks show on Wednesday evening.  We kicked Independence Day off a few hours early, with one of the best fireworks shows I can remember seeing.  Even cooler that it took place right over the Courthouse Square in downtown.  You know it’s a good show when the audience actually cheers for some of the displays.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy Independence Day, filled with family, friends, and good times!


And that’s a wrap

BRENT PENNINGTON The cast of "Pride & Prejudice" poses together on the set following their third successful performance.  11 May 2013

And this is it, the last batch from what has been an amazing eight-week adventure. This happens with all big projects, the sudden, startling realization that it’s over and the sense of emptiness that goes with it. There’s a whole mix of emotions: the joy of having created so many great images, pride in a job well done, a sense of comradery with the cast and crew, and a sadness that we won’t be working together any longer.


“Pride & Prejudice”

BRENT PENNINGTON Scenes from The Vintage's production of "Pride & Prejudice" captured during the dress rehearsal on 09 May 2013.

Without further ado, I simply want to introduce the photos of “Pride & Prejudice” itself. I don’t think I really have to say anything about them; the dedication, hard work, and outstanding performances by the actors and crew really say it all!


“Pride & Prejudice” opens tonight!

BRENT PENNINGTON Promotional images featuring the cast of "Pride & Prejudice," produced for The Vintage Theater. Session was held at Conor O'Brien's home on Saturday, 23 March 2013.

I covered the dress rehearsal last night, but all I’ll tell you is that this show is AWESOME!  I loved it!  If you’ve already got your tickets then you’re in for a real treat (and if you don’t, get them while you can!).

All my best wishes to the cast and crew for their opening tonight! Break a leg!

“Pride & Prejudice” featured in the Times-Tribune

Times-Tribune - P&P Article

“Pride & Prejudice” got a great write-up in Scranton’s Times-Tribune this morning. The article explored the facets of the show, including its move to the 1960s and the challenges that come with writing a new script while remaining true to the message and nature of the original Austen work.


Pride & Prejudice headshots

Contact Sheet B&W

The cast and crew of “Pride & Prejudice” have spent the past month hard at work learning lines and practicing blocking as they move closer to their opening night on 10 May. I had the chance to join them again this past week at rehearsal to shoot headshots, which will be used in the programs and possible a couple of other places.

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