Simple Clicks – Joey



Thought we’d step back in time this week and look at an older photo of mine that has persisted as a favorite over the years.  This was taken of my cousin-to-be, Joey, during a photography meet-up that I organized in 2010.  A bunch of photographers, most of us friends from an online community, met in White Haven and spent the day working with models and lights, practicing and learning portraiture from each other.  Needless to say, it was a great day!

This photo was made near the end of the session.  We’d been working inside with traditional studio setups, but knew that there was a sunny late-winter afternoon outside, so a group of us broke off and wandered out of our conference room and out the back doors of the hotel onto the loading dock.  There was a good view of the sky, and next thing you know we had Joey standing up on the top of a dumpster, on the lid, and posing.  A single light source, held by someone in the group, against a lovely blue sky, and it was clear that we had a great shot.  We took turns making images and holding the light, and later on grabbed some of the other models and got them up there with Joey.

Such a simple setup, really, and such a solid (and fun) result.  Just goes to show that you don’t need a fancy studio filled with tons of equipment – sometimes all you need is a dumpster!

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