Simple Clicks – downtown Scranton

BRENT PENNINGTON People gather on the sidewalk outside The Vintage between sets on the evening of 27 May 2013.

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I’m going to borrow something from my other site, The Roving Photographer, where I share images under the heading of “simple clicks.”  It’s for those times when I have an image or a couple of images that aren’t really part of anything larger, but I still want to share, just because I like them, or they’re interesting.  So kicking off this new category, here’s a simple click from downtown Scranton on the night of the Caroline Smith concert.

This is actually a series of clicks – about five images combined into a single panorama.  I shoot panoramas fairly often in my personal work, mainly because I find it to be a more dynamic representation of a scene.  It captures more than a single image can, in a more unique format.  But enough photographer speak.  I just hope you enjoy the photo, a bit of Scranton, the Times building, at night.

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