Simple Clicks – 24 Hours of Art Promos


Back in early August I shot a series of promotional portraits for The Vintage’s “24 Hours of Art” event. As part of the event programming, participating artists were invited to the session for a series of portraits – we kept it simple, shooting on The Vintage’s stage and then against a standard white backdrop.

The whole thing was based on a community principle, which I love: the artists came down and worked with us, let us use the images for promotions, and in return got a digital copy of their portrait for them to use promotionally as well. Everyone benefits.

These are just a few from the session; I think we had four artists come down altogether. They were a great crew and we had some good conversations as we worked. Chelsea, the harpist, and I have already made plans to work together again (because how often do you meet a harpist? How neat!)







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