Pride & Prejudice headshots

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The cast and crew of “Pride & Prejudice” have spent the past month hard at work learning lines and practicing blocking as they move closer to their opening night on 10 May. I had the chance to join them again this past week at rehearsal to shoot headshots, which will be used in the programs and possible a couple of other places.

Headshots are a funny kind of portrait – on one hand they tend to be rather sterile, against plain backdrops that hide the environment and leave the subject a little disconnected from anything else.  But at the same time, they’re very free and open in terms of expression; it’s really up to the person being photographed to choose the expression that best fits them, at that moment, for that show.  Some folks are smilers, and they can smile; the more serious among us can look more serious.  So even within the limbo of a white backdrop, you end up with a lot of personality showing through.

Anyway, this crew really made them their own and were an absolute pleasure to work with, as usual.  We were able to get the entire set of them done in about 90 minutes, spread across two consecutive nights.  (Although there’s at least one cast member missing; we’ll have to catch up with him later!)

Tickets to the show are on sale via their Facebook page.  And if you’d like to catch a sneak-peek before the 10 May opening, members of the cast will be performing scenes as street theater during First Friday Scranton on 03 May!



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