“Pride & Prejudice” featured in the Times-Tribune

Times-Tribune - P&P Article

“Pride & Prejudice” got a great write-up in Scranton’s Times-Tribune this morning. The article explored the facets of the show, including its move to the 1960s and the challenges that come with writing a new script while remaining true to the message and nature of the original Austen work.

It’s also a great promotion for the show to be featured and get this level of exposure right before opening night. Here’s hoping that the house is packed for each showing and that everyone – Austen fans included – falls in love with The Vintage’s adaptation.

On a personal note, seeing one of my photos from the promo session on the front page of the Lifestyle section was an exciting way to kick off my Thursday morning. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times you have your images published, it’s always a thrill to see them in print. But mostly I’m just glad that I was able to provide a visual to go with the story.

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