Portraits of Love


The absolute best reason to make a portrait is out of love.  Whether it’s the love one person has for another, or the passion someone has for a cause, or the sheer love of creating great images for a team.

The photos here feature my beautiful fiancee Mandy and they are portraits of love.  But not only because she – my love – is featured in them, but even more so because she agreed to work with me to make them.  Mandy doesn’t really enjoy having her photo taken, she doesn’t really enjoy modeling.  But when I needed a model so I could try out some new lighting ideas, she did her hair and put on a dress and stepped in front of the camera for me.

Now that’s love!


The photos came out the way I had hoped and she looks simply stunning.  It was a successful test shoot for me – I got to try a new technique and get a feel for how it works, so that next time I use it I’ve got some experience to call on.

But it wouldn’t have been possible without her.  So on this Valentine’s Day morning, I just want to say “thank you!”



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