Jack & Maureen – celebrating 45 years

When Robyn’s parents asked her to take a photo of them for their 45th wedding anniversary, she decided to do one better and get them a session with a professional. She and Mandy work for the same company, so we’ve met a few times at parties and the like. When she asked if I was available for a portrait session, I was thrilled to say yes.

I’ve always thought that wedding anniversaries are a great thing, one that should definitely be celebrated and commemorated. And the longer that a couple has been together, the more wonderful it is. 45 years is a real accomplishment, a real testimony to love.

I met Jack and Maureen on the Riverwalk in Wilkes-Barre on a lovely evening at the end of September. They’re a great couple, easy going and a lot of fun to work with. And both are life-long residents of Wilkes-Barre, a city that they love. So when they asked for portraits that were a little different from the norm, we quickly agreed to use their home city as the backdrop. Plus they came dressed in their Steeler’s gear, since they’re both die-hard fans.

It’s gigs like this that reaffirm my love of portraiture. The people I get to meet are wonderful, and it’s special to me that I’m able to help them celebrate the best parts of their lives. Jack and Maureen epitomize that – getting to work with them was a true pleasure. Here’s wishing them many, many more years together!

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