First Friday Scranton – June


Last week was the June First Friday here in downtown Scranton, and Mandy and I went down for a bit of a date night.  Burgers, stops in a couple of venues, and then Mandy joined the Vintage Theater Ensemble for play the role of a living mannequin in the window of the vintage pop-up shop on Adams Ave.

The pop-up shop has done this once or twice before and it’s always a been a big hit.  Last month it rained and I wasn’t able to go down to see, so I wanted to make a point to check it out this time around, cameras in-hand.




I wasn’t disappointed.  The folks playing this role looked superb, decked out in full 60s regalia (maybe even a little 50s) that tended towards the formal side.  Frankly I don’t know how they do it – I can’t sit still for 30 seconds, and they were able to pose for full minutes before they’d change position.




And they did it well.  There were times when, even knowing that was going on, you weren’t quite sure if they were real or not.  Half the fun was watching folks passing by on the sidewalk get caught by surprise!


I’m also including a portrait of my friend Kathryn Bondi, who was premiering pieces from her new venture, Broken-Twig, which are a wonderful fusion of nature and light.  As is so often the case, she was talking to someone and was unaware that I was taking her portrait.  She’s graceful and relaxed, although a moment later she turned and saw me.


On the geeky tech side, a couple of notes: I was playing around this night and used my 25mm Leica lens, which hasn’t been out of the bag in a while.  I love this lens and it’s perfect for times like this.  I shot it almost wide-open the whole time, and used the Kodak E200 fim emulation on the files to go with the retro content.

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