Dirty Girl Mud Run 2015


Looking back a month or so, to when the leaves were just starting to come out, and Mandy and Amanda made their annual trek through the Dirty Girl Mud Run.

For those who may not be familiar, the DGMR is a 5k race that supports cancer research.  Unlike most 5ks, however, this one is for women-only, and takes place around a mountainside track filled with both obstacles and, of course, lots and lots of mud.



In fact, the name of the game here is to get muddy.  As muddy as possible.  Sit in it, slide in it, play in it, even swim in it – you really haven’t competed if you don’t come out with clots of mud hanging off you.

Mandy and Amanda did it justice.




I have to say, each year that I come as a spectator, I leave a little jealous – it really looks like a fun time.  And each year the obstacles change and evolve (this year they even had fire jumps, which I didn’t get a shot of).  Sometimes I think it’d be more fun to leave the camera at home and join in the fun!

© Copyright Brent Pennington: Photographer - Designed by Pexeto