Christmas Parties!


I was fortunate enough to be asked to provide photos for the Net Driven Christmas Party this past month, a couple of weeks before the holidays.  Net Driven is the new home of my very own beloved fiancee and, thanks to her, I’ve had the change to meet some of the fantastic folks who work there, so when they offered me the gig I couldn’t say yes fast enough!

Now personally, I’ve been to a few different company parties, and there are those that are good for showing the flag, and then there are others are are simply a heck of a good time.  And I can tell you honest, that this party was the latter, a no-nonsense great time for everyone involved.


We did most of the night’s photos at a studio-style setup on the edge of the dance floor, where the Net Driven crew setup a banner backdrop that I assume they use at trade shows.  It worked great for my needs, plus the colors were very in-line with the holidays.  My company contact also came with a whole table full of fun props for folks to use in their photos, which were a real hit.

(It’s funny which props got the most love – the over-sized sunglasses were a huge hit, as were the naughty/nice signs, and even the giant red Christmas bow, which wouldn’t have been one of my first guesses.)





The best part of the whole night is that folks were into the idea of making fun photos.  By the end of the night, I think three-quarters of the guests had stepped in front of the camera at least once, and there were some folks who seemed to be jumping into every other setup.  They had a blast, which made my job easy – happy, engaged subjects are every photographer’s dream!

The photos didn’t end until the party did.  I met and got to work with some great folks, and I think everybody had fun – and that was the goal.  So here’s wishing all the Net Driven folks the best for the holidays and the new year – and hoping that we can do it again next year!



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