Chelsea the harpist


In what will most likely be my final outdoor photo shoot before the snow flies this year, I’m thrilled to present Chelsea the harpist!

Even being musically-limited myself, I must know a half-dozen guitar players, at least a couple of drummers, and a few keyboarders.  But Chelsea was the first harpist I’ve ever met, and that was pretty cool – so I knew after our first portrait session together that I needed to work with her again!

You may remember Chelsea and her harp from the “24 Hours of Art” promotional series I did for The Vintage this past summer.  At the time I had two simple portrait setups in place down at The Vintage, and photographed Chelsea in both.  We got a nice headshot against white, and a few wider images of her playing her harp on The Vintage’s stage.


These were good promotional images for the event, but my mind was full of ideas for something much cooler, much more engaging, that would center around Chelsea as a musician.  Fortunately she was up for another session as well, so a several weeks later she drove up and met me at Trostle Pond at Lackawanna State Park.

This was one of those sessions that the photo gods smiled down on; a thick afternoon overcast cleared out and gave us a stunning sunset and twilight period to work with, including a scattering of dramatic clouds in the sky.  The foliage was almost at peak, the temperature was chilly but still bearable, and even the day’s breeze settled down for us.




I have to say, I cannot remember having done a more relaxing photo session.  I got Chelsea setup in position by the pond with her harp and just asked her to play and pretend I wasn’t even there.  So she played, and I got to make a series of photos while being serenaded by harp-music at twilight on a stunning autumn evening.

Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than that!


I can’t thank Chelsea enough for driving up and braving a chilly evening so that we could make these together.  As a photographer, sometimes you meet people and just know that you have to get them in front of the camera, and it pays off in spades.  I have no doubt that this will remain one of my most memorable portrait sessions.

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