The Big Damn Cookout

BRENT PENNINGTON Bacon cooking on the grill at the Big Damn Cookout, held at Whiskey Bacon member Leni Konstas' home in Dallas, PA, on the afternoon of 29 June 2013.

Yes, that is exactly what it appears to be – bacon cooking on a grill!  Because really, could anything be more awesome?  (Speaking as someone who got to eat it, the answer to that question is an unconditional “no”.)

Back at the end of June, some of the wonderful folks from Whiskey Bacon held a BBQ.  They had me right there.  I mean come on, die-hard foodies with a deep-seated love of bacon, throwing a BBQ…there’s no chance that this won’t be incredible.  And it was.  Of course.


Cookouts & birthdays

Cookouts are one of those traditions that cross between seasons without much change.  As soon as the weather is nice enough to haul out the grill, they start – and keep going until the first snow flies.  (And sometimes a while after.)  We’re at that perfect point in early autumn now where cookouts are perfect in the evening; the sun starts going down, the temperature falls with it, you pull on a sweatshirt and eat a few fresh-grilled dogs or burgers, and life is good.  It kind of makes everything seem right with the world.


Anne Boyle – a tribute

To say that we lost one of the good ones sounds cliche, and may well be, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s true. Last Tuesday morning we lost Anne Boyle, who was one of the kindest, finest, and most compassionate people I ever had the pleasure of knowing.


Gianna – Christmas Photos

Christmas photos of Gianna taken at Fell Charter School on the evening of 02 December 2011.

This is Gianna, one of the cutest gals I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and certainly a far cry younger than the high school seniors I’ve been working with!  Her mom wanted photos for the annual Christmas card, so we got together at the local playground and did the a series outdoors.  It took little Gianna a few minutes to warm up to the camera, but after that, she was magic.


Memorial Day 2011

Now that the holiday mayhem has died down, I wanted to share some images from Monday.  You might be wondering how there can be much turmoil on Memorial Day – after all, it isn’t a holiday that’s generally known for anything more exciting than some spicy ribs and, maybe, a fireworks show. 

And really that’s how it all started – the annual bar-b-que at a friend’s house, burgers on the grill, lounge chairs on the lawn, and ice cream for dessert.  It sounds like the perfect way to spend a sunny, summer afternoon.  And it was.  So where’s the mayhem?

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