Bonfire @ the Iron Furnaces 2013


Being well aware that it’s nearly time for the 2014 Bonfire at the Scranton Iron Furnaces, I thought that I’d better get the photos from last year posted, shamefully late, so that they aren’t mixing with the photos I’m already planning to take this year.

Hosted by Lackawanna County, the annual Bonfire celebration is the apex of my autumn season, the event I look forward to – and enjoy – more than any other, save perhaps Thanksgiving itself.  It is a festival of all the things that make Scranton great, a mixture of cultures and traditions, performances and exhibits, all topped off by the ceremonial lighting of a roaring bonfire just outside of downtown.



Last year looked this good and had a big lively crowd in spite of the weather; we faced cold drizzle most of the night, which deteriorated into full-on rain just as they were preparing to light the bonfire.  Having secured a good spot right by the fire, we knuckled down and endured the rain long enough to see the bonfire take off.  I had the camera tucked under my jacket to keep it dry and shot most of the time hunched over, trying to shield it.

Even so, it was worth it – totally worth it – to be there.



I will be forever amazed that the insurance types are able to sign off on this event, and eternally grateful that they do.  It is the sort of shindig that, in my mind, sets Lackawanna County apart from every other place I’ve lived, the sort of event that thrives here and would perhaps not in most other places.

I’m proud of my adopted hometown and so very happy to be a part of what goes on here, even in my own little way!

If you’re in the area and don’t already have plans for this Saturday, 18 October, you should head down to the Iron Furnaces in Scranton and check it out.


© Copyright Brent Pennington: Photographer - Designed by Pexeto