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I’ve been off the radar here for a while now – longer than usual – and it isn’t because I’ve been relaxing on a beach in Bora-Bora.  Quite the opposite, actually…  What’s actually been happening is the coming together of several ideas from different sources, but all leading to the same idea:

It’s time for a change.

And that change will be the complete restructuring and redesign of this website.  During the past two years I’ve spoken of five-year plans, of wanting to shoot more with people, of wanting to kick the business aspect up a notch.  Like everything in our lives, it’s easy to talk about making changes, but another matter entirely to actually go out and do it.  All too often it seems that what’s lacking is the final push, the inspiration that kicks us into drive, changes idea into action.

Which is what happened.  Amid my daydreaming and idle talk about truly breaking into the market, several things happened:

  • my girlfriend and marketing guru turned to me and said, “So do it already.  You can, you know.”
  • Mike, my friend and fellow chaser of eagles, mentioned that I should make my website more client friendly and less about “stuff”
  • I realized that I’ve spent the past year watching another close friend face the possibility of being pushed out of the vocation he loves
  • I started reading David deChemin’s VisionMongers (which takes the prize for “Best gift of 2010”)

Yeah, no single one of those things is earth-shattering.  But put together, they form a coherent message heard from disparate sources.  And when that happens, it’s a smart idea to listen to the message, because it’s something you need to hear.  So I’m listening, and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and a lot of planning; I’ve made decisions and I’m starting to put them into action.

Right now, I do in fact spend too much time talking about photography “stuff” – gear, wildlife, nature, etc – that is of no interest or use to potential clients.  My website has become a place to show off a little of everything, without any coherent plan or organization.  And it’s even worse for this blog.

So to begin bringing order to the chaos, the following events will happen over the next few weeks:

  1. This blog will be transferred to a new website, which will continue to host my ramblings, reviews, and occasional rants.  For those of you who are here mainly for the DIY ideas, reviews, and/or wildlife adventures, fear not – all those things will continue on the new site.  All the details to come soon.
  2. All non-relevant content remaining here will be removed  (Relevant content will be updated)
  3. will go to a static homepage temporarily while it’s redesigned
  4. The redesigned site will launch with improved focus & it’s own blog

The resulting redesigned site will be designed and optimized for clients, and as such will be focused on portraiture and weddings, and will hopefully be the primary point of contact and marketing for me moving forwards.

As I said, details for the new “fun stuff” blog will be coming very soon.

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