Arts on Fire 2014


Although a couple of months have passed, I wanted to finally share some photos from this past summer’s “Arts on Fire” festival, held by Lackawanna County at the historic Iron Furnaces. This year, the festival opened on Friday evening with a dinner-and-drinks party that culminated in a nighttime iron-pour by the Keystone College ironworks students.

I’ve seen the iron-pouting demonstration before, but only during the daylight. It’s impressive as hell then, but I have to say that the night pour is just out of this world. The intense flame and heat of the blast furnace, the eruptions of sparks as they add fuel and iron it, and the culmination, the outflow of glowing, molten metal.





It kind of defies description, seeing molten iron. Saying it glows doesn’t really capture the essence of it. It actually glows with an inner light, with the understanding that it isn’t just a shell or an outer layer that’s glowing, but that the entire column is so incredibly not that it glows all the way through. How cool is that?



I love Scranton, and I love Lackawanna County. It’s the only place I’ve ever lived that puts on events like these. And you know what? They sell out of tickets. People come out in droves. The community here is amazing, and I truly love it.

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